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Seeking was created by Kiona Callihoo Ligtvoet and Lan Florence Yee during the MAG Exchange Artist Mentorship program in Summer 2020, and is inspired by Nadia Myre’s Want Ads, in which she spray-painted graffiti slogans seeking personal connections in the streets of Vancouver in the 1990s.

During their mentorship, Kiona and Florence collaborated over a common interest in text and its ability to convey desires in a playful manner. Through their collaborative project, they created a series of posters and bring them into the physical world as well as adapted “real” ads on Kijiji.


These short and succinct posters allude to other discussions the mentee-mentor team had about seeking community, traditions, memories, feelings, justice...


You can find these posters throughout Kiona and Florence's respective communities as well as documentation of the process on the MAG's social platforms and the official Mentorship website.

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